Association of Retired Police Dog Charities

REPLY of 2nd November 2020 to Open Letter of 1st November 2020.



Membership of the Association of Retired Police Dog Charities is open to charitable organisations that support retired police dogs from UK police force areas.

Railway Dogs Benevolent Fund is a charity that supports retired police dogs from British Transport Police (BTP) and correctly fits within our membership criteria. 

Railway Dogs Benevolent Fund does not support, on a national basis, RPDs from other UK police forces and it is not an international police dog/retired police dog support organization, it therefore fully complies with the terms of membership as set out in the Constitution of our Association.


We would respectfully point out that the Trustees of Thin Blue Paw Foundation had already identified Railway Dogs Benevolent Fund as a ‘local’ charity when they themselves placed the details of the charity on their own website under the heading ‘Local Retired Police Dog Charities

[screenshot taken 21st Aug 2020 see below]

Even though the Railway Dogs Benevolent Fund meets the requirements necessary to be a member of the Association they are not, to date, a member as they are waiting for their next Trustee meeting to discuss the arrangement.

Dated 2nd November 2020

Association of Retired Police Dog Charities

Screenshot taken on 21st August 2020