In the summer of 2013, Durham Police Dog Support Unit implemented a Benevolent fund to support our working dogs who have retired since the launch of the scheme

Historically, there has been no provision to assist with the day to day costs of looking after the animals as they put their ‘paws up'. It is the responsibility of the handler or new owner to cover general costs and often considerable vets bills etc.
The scheme will form part of the ‘Durham Agency Against Crime’ (DAAC) registered charity.
There will be public displays and events to promote the scheme, raise funds and awareness, and we have gained support from the public and businesses both in the UK and overseas.
Since 2014, the production of a hugely popular charity calendar and well attended charity ball have become key events for our annual fundraising. 

All our dogs, upon retiring, are either kept by their handler or kindly re homed by generous members of the public, friends, family and colleagues  This is normally at about the age of 8 -10 years.
Until this point, all costs are borne by the serving dog's constabulary

Our vision is to establish the benevolent fund with it being financially stable enough to be able to help with the costly associated expenses of re-homing an older dog, for example- insurance, food, toys, bedding,micro-chip transfer, neutering, vouchers for dog products and even discounted veterinary and grooming services. And ultimately, a source of funding to assist with future, necessary veterinary treatment if required.

This was a long time in the making and after a lot of hard work, we  launched the scheme to the public, with an official open day and display in June 2013, which proved a tremendous success.
This was a huge 'first' for the North East of England, and we are still currently the only force in this region of the UK with such a scheme.
However, since it's inception, we are delighted to know that many other forces are running similar projects.

''Our Police dogs provide a tremendous service to our communities for the best part of their working lives and we want to help provide the best possible life for them for their retirement.''

Established: 2013


Registered Charity:   Durham Agency Against Crime Ltd (DAAC)  No. 1018075




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