Pensions4Paws support retired Police and Fire Dogs from Hampshire Constabulary, Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. We are run purely by volunteers, so ALL money raised goes to supporting the dogs.


During their working life they are cared for by the Police and Fire Service and get the best healthcare available.

When a Police or Fire Dog retires, they receive no financial assistance, all the cost of care and ongoing treatment falls upon the new owner.

We aim to continue to give these dogs the healthcare they deserve after retirement and give them the best life possible.


Police and Fire dogs are an extremely valuable resource for the police and fire service and the communities they serve. They are used in a multitude of situations which include:

  • searching for suspects in buildings and open ground,
  • ‘tracking’ suspects where they have run from the scene of a crime,
  • locating stolen property,
  • public order situations such as riots and disorder at football matches,
  • searching for missing people, illegal drugs, money, firearms, explosives, blood and criminally concealed bodies.

Police and Fire dogs live with their handlers at their homes and the bond between them is very special. Our dogs mean a lot to us and when the time comes for retirement it is always a very difficult time for both dog and handler.

Established:  2015


Registered Charity 1161107


Trustees: Two


Independent of Police Force

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