Established: 2012


Registered Charity - No.1158745


Five Trustees


Independent of Police Force


Supports RPDs


Jerry & RPD Copper

About Us - how it began
In April 2012 a group of volunteers decided that a 'Charity' needed to be formed to help support Retired Police Dogs (RPDs) to ensure there was financial help towards vet and welfare costs.

Essex Retired Police Dogs Fund

(ERPDF) was established.

It was agreed that:-
  • ERPDF would be independent from Essex Police
  • ERPDF would be independent from any other charity or organisation
  • All involved with ERPDF would be unpaid volunteers.
  • A group of 5-6 would form the Board of Trustees.
  • If a Trustee has a retired police dog(s) that dog(s) cannot be assisted by the Fund.
  • Serving Police Officers and/or Staff would not be permitted to hold office on the Board of Trustees - but would be welcome as volunteers and supporters.
  • All awards of financial assistance would be confidential to the Board of Trustees - unless the recipients chose to publicise.