Association of Retired Police Dog Charities


The objectives of the Association are:-


1. To raise awareness of local RPD charities.

2. To create and maintain a website to publish details of local RPD charities on one platform.

3. To signpost public, supporters, donors, & interested parties to their local RPD charity.

4. To assist those interested in setting up their own local RPD charity, to enable the viewer to


     compare the different operational methods adopted by individual local RPD charities.

5. To preserve, protect and maintain the autonomy of individual local RPD charities.


This website is updated monthly


The aim of this website is to ensure Local RPD Charities can be found and supported.


The List of Local RPD Charities below does not imply they are members of the Association.


All Local RPD Charities are independent and are run by their own trustees & members.


All work hard to fundraise to help towards the vet and welfare costs of retired police dogs in


their policing area.  Please support where you can.  Contact your Local RPD Charity/Fund.



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List of the existing Local RPD Charities (16)

with their 28 policing areas


Collars -



Essex Retired Police Dogs Fund -




(West Yorkshire)


London Retired Police Dogs Trust -

(Metropolitan & City)


Merseyside Retired Police Dogs Benevolent Fund -



Paws Off Duty -

(North Wales)


Pawsome Pensions -

(Devon, Cornwall & Dorset)


PawsUp -



Pensions4Paws -

(Isle of Wight, Hants, Oxon, Berks & Bucks)

(Thames Valley & Hampshire Police & Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service)


Railway Dogs Benevolent Fund -

(British Transport Police)


Retired Lancashire Police Dogs -



Retired Police Dogs of Gwent -


Retired WM Police Dog Benevolent Fund -

(West Midlands)


Staffordshire Retired Police Dog Fund -



WAGS Retired Police Dog Trust -

(Wiltshire, Avon, Gloucestershire, Somerset)


West Mercia Retired Police Dogs Welfare Fund -

(West Mercia)




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