London Retired Police Dogs Trust (LRPD) was set up in 2019 to support the retired police dogs of London with their welfare needs. Once retired, the responsibility of the dog falls to their handler who has an unbreakable bond with the animal. Some retired police dogs are rehomed to an adopted family who again, take on the responsibility of the dog.

Retiring police dogs do not receive a pension to support them through their ageing years, which means people who take on retired police dogs receive no financial support in a time in a dog’s life where, after a lengthy time on ‘the beat’, vets bills are inevitable and expensive. Due to the nature of the work that our courageous dogs perform it is extremely difficult to insure them which means care and treatment costs can soon mount up.

Our Purpose

London’s retired police dog fund is not connected in any way to The Metropolitan Police Service, or any other Police force in the United Kingdom. As an independent organisation, London Retired Police Dogs Trust has its own constitution and Trustees who are accountable for its operation.

A retired police dog is deemed by us to be; any dog that has been licenced to Home Office Standards to be a police dog, working in London. Consideration will be given to applications for any dog who is, or has been, a police dog deemed as above and is medically retired at any age, or has been retired for other reasons over the age of five years.

Established: 2019


Registered Charity No. 1188072


Three Trustees


Independent of Police Force


Supports RPDs from Metropolitan Police, City Police and London Fire Brigade.

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