RPD Merseyside was set up independently of Merseyside Police to raise funds to help with veterinary costs for those who re-home a retired dogs


The Retired Police Dog Benevolent Fund for Merseyside is run by unpaid volunteers: All money raised is by public donations. This money goes towards helping those who have taken on a retired dog with any veterinary costs incurred.


Police Dogs are an integral part of policing and provide an invaluable service for the community of Merseyside.


Police Dogs are retired through age, illness or injury.  

Once retired the dogs do not receive any financial support.

Many retired police dogs are rehomed to both serving police dog handlers and members of the public.  In many cases retired police dogs require veterinary treatment.  These bills at times can be very expensive.


The Retired Police Dogs Benevolent Fund for Merseyside has been established to assist those who take on the care of a retired police dog in helping them pay for veterinary bills, as well as supporting the dog in its retirement.

Solely funded by public donations. 

To Donate please contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

Established 2012


Unregistered Charity




Independent of Police Force

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