Retired West Midlands Police Dog Benevolent Fund an independent fund which has its own committee of members, all of whom come from a diverse dog and public background. The Fund will help pay for the ongoing care and treatment of Retired Police Dogs.

The Benevolent Fund is run by a committee of members, all of whom come from a diverse background within the community and ‘dog world’. The committee are responsbile for the running and ongoing management of the fund.

The Benevolent Fund is run completely independently from West Midlands Police and no members of the committee are employed by West Midlands Police. The Benevolent Fund will remain open and transparent at all times.

Retired West Midlands Police Dogs don’t just suffer from the ‘normal’ ailments associated with aging, but also suffer from the serious wear and tear that comes from years of vigorous training and working – all to keep our communities safe. Very often this has led to conditions such as arthritis, hip and knee injuries, torn ligaments, back and spinal problems.

With around 8 Police Dogs each year retiring from West Midlands Police, the Benevolent Fund will help support handlers and kind members of the public, who take on the care of a retired West Midlands Police Dog. The Benevolent Fund will help with the cost of ongoing care and treatment including operations, blood tests, X-rays and hydrotherapy to name but a few. The idea is for the Benevolent Fund to help as much as possible to ensure a long, healthy and happy life for the Police Dogs in their retirement.

The Retired WM Police Benevolent Fund is dedicated to the courageous Retired Police Dogs and it is a small price for us to pay for all of the hard work they gave serving and protecting our communities. It is our way of saying ‘thanks’.

Established: 2014


Unregistered Charity




Independent of Police Force


Supports RPDs

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